Performing the role of Marcello in La Bohème with Opera New Brunswick:

 ...a solid performance...    

 (Opera Canada)

On Bruno and his sister Aurélie's new Christmas recording, Dans le silence de la nuit:

I knew that Toronto-based baritone Bruno Cormier is a very fine singer in the operatic genre. A huge Christmas present surprise for me was finding that he is also an accomplished composer. His L'arrivée du Christ is a slightly atonal yet lyrical tradition-based six part song cycle. It is the highlight of the CD Dans le silence de la nuit, a collection of French Christmas songs arranged by Bruno, and performed by him and his sister, mezzo-soprano Aurélie Cormier. This is a very professional and musically moving release. Both singers have the soul and the technique to dazzle, and are accompanied by a tight instrumental ensemble.    

 (Tiina Kiik - Wholenote Magazine)

Performing the role of Marcello in La Bohème with Opera New Brunswick:

...Rodolfo’s three friends were all excellent actors, especially red-headed Bruno Cormier (Marcello)...    

 (Philip Anson - Scena Musicale)

Performing the role of Marcello in La Bohème with Opera New Brunswick:

 ...stage presence and a real ability to act...     

(Marni Wiesz - Times Globe, Saint John, NB)

On Bruno and his sister Aurélie performing a Christmas recital:

 ...a gifted composer...Aurélie and Bruno Cormier’s voices blended in perfect harmony against the intricate organ accompaniment.                

(Carol Hardy - Barrie Examiner, ON)

 On solo and duet recitals with his sister Aurélie Cormier, mezzo-soprano:

 ...sureness of phrasing that appears to be a natural part of his being...     

(Marie Aucoin - The Oran, Inverness, NS)


 ...a truly memorable, deeply moving experience...Bruno and Aurélie’s performance showed the skill they have worked so hard to achieve, their voices expertly tuned and cared for to combine with their talent for world-class performances...      

(Marianne Jewell - The Oran, Inverness, NS) of this summer’s cultural highlights...      

(Frank Macdonald - The Oran, Inverness, NS)

On Bruno and his sister Aurélie’s recording, Départs:

Bruno Cormier has arranged some of his favourite Acadian folk songs and has superbly captured the essence of their cultural heritage with a contemporary sound. Baritone Bruno Cormier has a large, operatic voice that effortlessly conveys all the emotions that this music has to offer. However, he is surprisingly at his best when he pulls back in the ballad-like solo Virginie, a moving song of love and longing...a welcome addition to any collection...      

(Tiina Kiik - Wholenote Magazine)

Performing the role of Don Inigo Gomez in L’heure espagnole at Tanglewood: expert buffo bass...    

 (Richard Dyer - Boston Globe, Boston, MA)

 Performing the role of Somarone in Béatrice et Bénédict at the Aspen Music Festival:

 ...Bringing plenty of personality to their smaller roles were bass Peter MacGillvray as the boisterous Don Pedro and baritone Bruno Cormier who was almost over the top as the fey chorus master, Somarone...      

(Kyle MacMillan - Denver Post, Denver, CO) 



Au sujet du nouvel enregistrement de Noël de Bruno et de sa soeur Aurélie Cormier intitulé Dans le silence de la nuit:

 ...du talent à revendre...      

(Adeline Dubreuil - Le Courrier de la Nouvelle-Écosse)

Interprétant le rôle de Dickson dans La dame blanche de Boieldieu:

Du côté des interprètes, on ne peut passer sous silence la prestation de Bruno Cormier dans le rôle du fermier Dickson, qui, à un moment donné, croit avoir tout perdu. En plus de posséder une excellente voix de baryton, il a également un talent indéniable de comédien. Tant dans les moments tragiques que dans les moments drôles, on croit à tout ce qu’il raconte. Bien souvent, il porte la pièce sur ses épaules et il arrive, chaque fois, à nous émerveiller.    

(Valérie Roy - Le Front, Moncton, NB)

Interprétant la pièce Et la vie l’emporta de Franck Martin:

 ...soulignons aussi les performances remarquables de Bruno Cormier dans Et la vie l’emporta....      

(Justin Boucher - Le Front, Moncton, NB)